What is Weaver?

When it comes to sustainability, customers and stakeholders have come to expect transparency, accountability and action from the businesses they choose to work with. Weaver helps you implement sustainable practices by providing certification frameworks relating to carbon footprint reduction, waste management, single-use packaging, sustainable products and social responsibility.

The Weaver sustainability certification helps you:

Be proactive in increasing your sustainability across five key areas

Integrate sustainable practices throughout your operations and community

Demonstrate accountability with transparent reporting and certification

Stay ahead of your competition, retain existing clients and win new business

81%of global respondents feel strongly that companies should help the environment
70%An average of 70% of office waste is paper

What does it mean for your business?

The Weaver certification recognises five individual areas of sustainability, for which there are three respective certification levels (Blue, Silver and Gold). It includes:


  • A Weaver certificate and emblem enabling you to display your credentials
  • A personalised sustainability action plan
  • A summary report measuring and analysing your achievements across 5 areas
  • Access to support, training resources and templates, as well as key action points via Office Friendly’s dedicated learning platform, Pioneer.
79%79% of plastic waste is in landfill
50%Employee turnover decreases by 50% when engaged in corporate responsibility activities
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